The bloodshed continues…

The bloodshed continues…

In 30 days, since the protests started in Syria 400 people have been killed. I’m also referring to a earlier post that I wrote called ‘imagenes estresantes‘.  Why isn’t NATO taking action against Bashar al-Assad? Is it that Syria is not as important as Lybia? How can the rest of the world stand by and let this happen? Only France and Italy have shown some humanitarian concern 😦

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  1. -> The secret NATO army -> google searches.

    Some clandestine structures of NATO did not expect to operate a Soviet invasion. In several European countries-not all that organized bombings blamed the respective left or right to discredit as the interest of time.

    It is, in short, to influence societies and governments of European countries and this involves the killing of civilians. But who is set to some “collateral damage”more.

    But…. Whatever. Sometimes it is better not to know certain things, who knows.

    • Yes, you might be right. In order to keep one’s sanity, one may choose to be blind, deaf and dumb when faced with the sad reality of every day life.

      Thanks for your comment.


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