The kite and the wind

The kite and the wind

The kite made of a majestic dragon head with a tail of colourful geometrical pieces, flew proudly high in the sky. It made a beautiful spectacle against the pale scenery of the early morning colours by the seaside. Mattia had been waiting for the weather to change, most people loved the Summer but he preferred the arrival of Autumn. He was thankful for the coolness of the air and the strong winds. These were perfect conditions to fly his kite.

The beach was almost empty, Mattia noticed  a few anglers sitting patiently, facing the sunrise, buckets of worms by their sides.  He could also see a lonely figure in the far distance. The figure was bending towards the sand at regular intervals.

Mattia ran fast along the shore, the dragon kept up with him.  He increased the pace and continued running until he was out of breath.  His face was flushed with excitement, he was smiling, he loved his kite, the sea and this moment.

The silhouette he had noticed in the distance was not far from him now.   It was a girl,  she was picking up starfish and other small sea creatures that had been washed ashore by the surf, she was picking them one by one and then throwing them back into the sea.

What are you doing? Mattia asked her. The girl answered ‘ I am helping these little creatures to have a second chance in life’.

Mattia smiled broadly and said to the girl, ‘Do you think it will make any difference? There are thousands of them!  The girl then picked up one starfish and placed it on Mattia’s hand, ‘it will make a difference to this one’.

Mattia thought for a moment, the impossible becomes possible first in the mind, then it becomes a reality, if you trust your feelings, if you believe in what you are doing.

He had faith in himself, at least most of the time, however, every now and then, he would lose faith and conviction in the tasks that lay ahead. Despite this, he was an expert in using the wind to his advantage.  He knew how to manipulate a strong current and make the most of his flying time.

He liked what the girl has just said, he liked the girl too.  They could make a good team; she would be the kite, he, the wind.

Mattia then said, ‘I want to show you how to fly kites’. ‘Will you be here tomorrow?’ ‘Yes, I come down to the beach most days,  I would like that very much’, replied the girl with a big grin. ‘I’ll see you then’, Mattia smiled back, and thought to himself as he walked on by, ‘What an amazing life!’ Mine? Hers or the Starfishes? and then he smiled some more.



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