The donors part 3


‘Do you know why you are here?’ Michaela asked the three teenagers. ‘Of course Miss. We are here to get educated’ said Phil unsure of himself. Catherine and Zoe agreed with him.

‘I have thought many times how to tell you the real reason why you have been brought up in this place, and the more I thought about it, the less I wanted to do it’ said Michaela. ‘There is no easy way to say this, but you guys are here for the sole purpose of donating your organs once you reach adulthood’.

‘There is more, you have been kept in the dark about everything. Those stories about being murdered if you stepped outside the school gates, were all made up by the Headmistress to deter students from escaping’.

‘Would you like to get away from here? I have befriended Charles, the spiritual man. You trust him, don’t you? If you want, he is willing to help us. We can pull 10 students out of here. Think about your closest friends, those who are fearless. Once outside, life will be difficult. You will have to start from zero, change your names, change your style, you will also have to get rid of your real teeth and have artificial teeth implanted, live in anonymity until you are 30. It will be like being born again. Are you willing to take this risk? Concluded Michaela. The teenagers looked at each other with a knowing smile.

Michaela had planned everything to the minimum detail. After a lengthy meeting with Charles, it was agreed that they would help six students to escape. They would wake up in the middle of the night and slip quietly out of the Manor using the garden door. At midnight, after a short walk towards the main road, Charles would be waiting for her and the students in a large van, ready to flee this cursed place forever.

That night, exactly at nine o’clock, guardians, teachers and children retired to their bedrooms. Michaela stayed awake staring at the dark in the silence of her room.  In a few hours she would be far away with her precious load. In the eyes of the law, she would become a criminal. She would be accused of kidnapping underage children and who knows what other charges.  Poor Charles, she had dragged him into helping the children. What would become of him?  It was a high price to pay but the reward would be just as high. She would have saved young and promising lives, and that is all that mattered.

Just before the stroke of midnight Michaela found herself at the bottom of the grand stairwell. Just a few seconds and she would reach the door. A blinding light stopped her in her tracks followed by a sharp and agonizing pain in the back of her head.

The repetitive sound of an automatic whirring instrument woke her up. Slowly she began to regain consciousness.  She glanced to her surroundings; she was lying down on a bed. She was in an operating theatre. She felt pain in her arm, there were tubes attached to her body connected to the main vein in her arm.  She tried to get up but couldn’t move. The nurses were bending over her.   Panic started to build up inside her. Were they operating on her?Yes, they were, but she did not feel it. There are no nerve endings in the brain. It is the only organ in the human body that doesn’t experience pain. Funny that!

Then Michaela heard a familiar voice. ‘Sorry darling. Change of plans’.  Memories came rushing to her like the rain in a storm. The books Charles had about pet care, the medical instruments, his connections with the Manor, the health checks on the clones.  Charles, the spiritual man was none other than the surgeon.  Defeated, Michaela closed her eyes for the last time.

‘The Donors’ – DRP



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