The donors part 2


Securing a job at the Manor was not the easiest of tasks, only selected individuals would become full-time members of staff. The entry requirements were not so much related to academic abilities but to  successfully participating in a series of psychological tests that not many teachers managed to pass.

Michaela had seen the  vacancy advertised in the local newspaper.  They needed an Arts Teacher who would also be a house warden for the children that lived in the Manor. All accompanied with an obscenely high salary. She applied for the job and waited patiently.
It was no surprise to her when she successfully completed the demanding tests and was offered the job. She had been blessed with a sharp intelligence.

It was only after she accepted the post and moved to the countryside that the nature of the job was revealed to her. A cold chill ran over her back.
Michaela retired to her room feeling nauseous, she did not want to be in the presence of the Headmistress anymore. Her ears were ringing, echoing in her brain the awful truth she had just heard.
After much deliberation, Michaela made a decision. She would stay in the post and after gaining the children’s trust,  she would reveal the truth to them and help them escape.  She couldn’t stand the idea of the children being used as disposable commodities.

The White Lies were playing on the radio; the band reminded her of the 80’s. Human cloning hadn’t been approved by the governments then. Now things were different. Now scientists were helping to perpetuate the human species, they were allowed to use any biological means available, even if these means meant the extermination of more humans.
By creating human clones, there was a continuous bank of organs and tissues available. During their lifetime each clone was able to donate up to four healthy and young organs. Their whole existence was geared towards this goal, to become an organ donor so someone else could survive.
Michaela pondered for a moment. Which lives were more valuable? Those ones those scientists were trying to save or the ones they were destroying? Was it all in the name of science after all? Or was it money- making scheme?
She didn’t know or cared, she had only one goal in mind. To save the children, as many as she could, and to get the hell out of that Manor. The first week she met her group and made a quick note to herself about the students she thought could be potential escapees. Her eyes scanned the room and found only emptiness in their gaze.



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