Sonrisas #3


I have a long-standing battle with my alarm clock. I’m not going to claim I’m different to other people, we all hate it in the mornings when it breaks our lovely sleep into a horrible ALARMING sound, a signal that our happiness between the bedsheets must end, and if we are dreaming something sweet, it’s even worse!

I haven’t planned my day very well since that cursed alarm got me out of bed. Orange juice for breakfast and I rush out the door leaving clothes, make up and CDs scattered in my bedroom. It is a real chaos but I can’t change it.

It takes me a while to get a real sense of the day, its responsibilities, its targets, the things that potentially could go wrong. My mind is miles away, singing  softly to myself that awesome song I  heard on my MP3, whilst travelling on the train  , it’s 8am and still not fully awake when I hear a group of girls shouting loudly across the playground Miss P, Miss P, Good morning! I turn around to see who is calling and I see them. They are my students,  they are smiling , I return the courtesy and my day changes from now on.

Ahead, along the corridors of the school,  there are more smiles and more greetings. I’m lucky, I muse.  Now it is me who smiles to my colleagues without a reason. What are you so happy about? Someone asks. Why not? I reply, there are plenty of reasons to be!



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