Just the way you are


My friends think that having a good-looking boyfriend,

a man with lots of money or an amazing body will bring you happiness and you will have the perfect life.

Maybe for them, everyone is different; we all expect different things from this world.

For me, there are no expectations. One day without looking, without noticing, he is standing there, right next to you.

He is happy to have found you; he takes you exactly as you are.

He inspires you; he makes you see the rainbow after the rain.

He sees the best in you, not looking at your faults and defects.

He sings the song of your heart even when you have forgotten the words.

He is selfless; he has a caring nature and shares your enthusiasm for life.

And you think, ‘Goodness, this is all I ever wanted’…not in the past, not in the future, but right here, right now.

That moment is far greater than time and place.

It’s perfection in all its expressions.

That is what I consider happiness and that’s all that really matters.



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