Transparent Tuesday


Transparent, like the gorgeous lingerie I found today in Kingston. It was surprising to find my local TK Maxx reasonably empty. Normally, it is packed with people and the long queues by the tills are enough to put me off from entering the shop.

However, today was my lucky day, totally unplanned, just browse for a little while, I told myself. Instinctively, as I make my way through the store I am drawn to the underwear section. What a treat! Right in front of me, my favourite brands on the racks; Passionata, Playboy, Freya,

Elle McPherson and Chantelle! I can feel the left side of my brain resisting such temptations, trying to instil some sense into my whole self but the right side of my brain keeps pushing its way through.   Oh, I can’t help it! I have been blessed or cursed, whatever angle you choose to look at it, with the XX chromosomes.  While the left side of my brain claims victory, I walk towards the ‘pay here’ area with a clean conscience…I have been hibernating for too long, and as I exit the store I can’t help smiling, I must rush home to try my new Spring  collection. Life is sweet…


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